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24 Sep

How to start online trading

HOW TO START ONLINE TRADING How to start trading •Read your free information guide for their first information about online trading from this page •Open a Free Demo Account and try Backtesting and Demo Trading •Open your Live account and trade the best online trading platform, with no fees and the lowest margin in this […]

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22 Jul

Double top and double bottom

Today afternoon I make really great and delicious cup of green tea and thought about a good, old, price action. BTW, do you like drinking good tea? I love it. Drinking of tea makes my concentracion better and helps me with trading. One of the instruments there’s a formation “double bottom and a double top.”   […]

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04 Nov

Zulu Trade – automatic trading system for FREE

ZuluTrade is a free online trading service that automatically trades forex signals provided by third party signal providers. You simply pick one or more trading systems from the hundreds that are available and use Zulu Trade to automatically trade the signals given.It’s essentially a managed forex account except that you’re in control. You control which […]

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06 Aug

 Diference between online investing and day trading

Online investing is the method of placing orders via the Internet to buy and sell securities as compared to the method of placing your orders by speaking directly with a broker by a phone. There are online trading ompanies or brokers who eliminate commission fees. Some allowed for any trades without a commission. Currently, brokers […]

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06 Aug

Market and limit order

What’s a market order and limit order exactly is and what’s the difference between them? Is one better than the other? With a market order the customer instructs his or her brokerage firm to buy or sell a stock at whatever the price is when the trade is executed, presumably as soon as possible. The advantage […]

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05 Apr

What are the risks of online trading?

If you want begin with online stock or forex trading the definition is a basic understanding of online trading processes. There is risk of lose your money associated with investing in securities regardless of the method used. Beginning investors need to understand the principles of online investing and trading, their own risk tolerance, and their investment […]

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